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Adventure Game Project: Introduction

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, my life has been a bit of a mess (changing meds, money problems, etc), but things have stabilized for now and this post is long overdue so here we go.

This is a project I’ve had bouncing around in my head for several years now, and I’ve experimented with it in several forms. But with the help of my wonderful friends, I am ready to finally make it a reality.

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Update: Change in plans

Critter Game

I’ve come to a realization about this project. It’s probably not the best project for me to pursue right now. I’m just starting out, trying to build an audience, and I figure people will probably be less likely to absentmindedly boost my work if it’s for an adult project. I (expectedly) haven’t gotten a sudden surge of support for it, so I guess I won’t be disappointing too many folks by putting it on hiatus. (My sincerest apologies to my one patron who pledged immediately when I announced it. Feel free to cancel it if you aren’t interested in my other projects).

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I'm back, bitches!

Hi! I’m byte. If you knew me from before, I’ve been taking some time away, and I’m doing a lot better these days. And I think it’s high time I start sharing some of what I’m working on! You’ll be able to read about all the stuff I do here, plus tutorials and probably some rants about stuff.

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Introduction to Audio Synthesis with VCV Rack

Note I wrote this post a while ago, on the previous version of my site. I've included it here cause I think it's Pretty Alright.

This is a hands-on tutorial about making sounds with modular synths. It’ll be a combination of an explanatory article and a tutorial. I won’t be providing audio samples here, so you’ll need to follow along on your own. Come on, it’ll be fun!

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