Adventure Game Update

Here’s a little update on what I’ve been doing for my still-untitled adventure game project.

I’ve started working on the environment for the gameplay prototype: A scrapyard! This may seem like an odd choice for a first area, but the scrapyard does have plot significance, as you will see later…

a small pile of junk

I’ve also started working on the first enemy: a hermit crab that finds a home in pieces of junk. Bigger, tougher crabs will have bigger “shells”, and in some cases, the shell can even give them extra abilities!

a hermit crab with a barrel for a shell

The inventory screen I showed on masto earlier is now fully functional, including picking up, dropping, and equipping weapons.

inventory screen demo

I also modeled another weapon: a pipe wrench. Not much to say here.

a pipe wrench model

I’ve implemented a zelda-style targeting system, which involved totally overhauling the camera system, as well as making some new strafing animations.

showing off the targeting system

There’s still a few kinks to be worked out… but as you can see, combos also work now, with a whopping two (2) different attacks!

The thing that’s been taking up most of my time is the free climbing system. I’ve reached a point where it works well enough, but I’ll probably have to rework the system at some point.

That’s all for now. It doesn’t feel like enough for how long it’s been, but the decision to include the climbing system in the prototype (it’s an important part of gameplay) has added a lot of work to do. I’m way behind my own personal schedule for the prototype, and I’m gonna redouble my efforts in the coming weeks to try to get something tangible out there for folks to see. Once I’m done with that, I’d like to get a vague roadmap together so folks can kick my ass if I slack off.

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Thank you for your patience, and your interest. It means a lot to me.

See you soon ♥