Critter Game v0.0 Released!

Critter Game v0.0 is now available on Patreon!

Phew! That took a bit longer than expected. But v0.0 is finally done! There’s not much to it at the moment, admittedly, but it’s playable, if a little barren. This build will be available to the public on July 5th.


Forest level

forest level screenshot

This is the one level available in v0.0. The terrain is static but the trees and other obstacles, as well as player, enemy, and exit locations are randomized.


Here is the one adversary available in v0.0. He’s got 2 abilities at the moment, a tackle and a smokescreen. Both need a little tuning to make them more dangerous.


logbook screenshot (animated)

Available from the main menu. This lists information about the various critters you’ve encountered. (Currently, just the cinderhound) (Also currently, shows it whether you’ve encountered one or not)


gameplay screenshot

You’ve got a whopping 2 abilities in your arsenal in v0.0. One of them doesn’t have any animations, and the other one is to fall asleep. ….. I promise there will be more soon! >w>


stats menu screenshot

It’s an RPG babey!! I’m not sure how I feel about this at the moment, it feels needlessly complicated. I might simplify it or remove it alltogether.


Exactly what it sounds like. You have a “struggle” move that you can use to try to escape. (not shown in this outdated viedo)


settings menu screenshot

I probably shouldn’t have wasted so much time on this, but there’s a few settings available. If it runs poorly on your machine (probably pretty likely) then you can turn down some graphics settings, or you can turn off the cum sounds if you don’t like them. There’s also some fun debug settings in there.

Notably Missing in v0.0

  • An actual game over. Right now it just displays a message when the chosen game over condition is met (chosen in the settings, none by default).
  • Player eye animations. It looks kinda silly with them sleeping with their eyes open.
  • Speed stat. The speed stat doesn’t do anything right now. Don’t waste points on it.
  • Proper handling of multiple enemies at once. Don’t get gangedbanged or the game will break.
  • More content. Obviously.

The Future

I’m planning for the next release (v0.1) to come out next friday (July 5th). Here’s what I should have completed by then:

  • Fixing the things listed above.
  • A tail whip ability for the player, which uses their cute rump to tease the enemy. It might leave them entranced, or it could end differently~
  • Modeled player eyelids and eye animations.
  • Possibly, smaller levels. I was worried about making the levels too small, but it looks like now it’s too big instead, so things feel a bit barren.

If I’ve got extra time I’ll try to do some other stuff too:

  • Reworking of the tackle ability into a tackle/dodge, depending on how it’s used.
  • More stuff for the forest level.
  • More sfx during mating.
  • More animations, like the player tackle ability, cinderhound dismounting, transitions to/from sleeping, a seperate animation for fainting, etc etc etc.
  • Possibly another critter or level. I actually might do this at the expense of some of the stuff above, just cause I wanna do it.

I’ll put more or less effort into this project depending on how people react. If lots of people are interested in it then I’ll pour all my energy into it, but if it doesn’t get much attention I’ll probably spend some time working on my other projects too.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please feel free to contact me!

Although, please refrain from sending me bug reports for v0.0. I know there’s bugs. I’m like 2 weeks into development so there’s a lot of issues to be fixed. I’ll probably start responding to bug reports within the next few releases, once things have gotten a little more stable.

Thanks for reading!