Critter Game: Introduction

Here it is! The project I’ve been the most excited to work on lately.

It’s a horny action roguelike, inspired by Pokémon, among other things. The gist of it is: you play as a cute critter, wandering through various procedurally generated areas, filled with hazardous (and horny) foes. It has an “ability” system similar to Pokémon, where you can learn 4 abilities at any time. Unlike Pokémon however, abilities don’t have PP, but instead there’s a stamina system sorta like in the souls games. Running uses stamina, abilities use stamina, struggling out of a…. “grapple”, uses stamina, etc. You’ll start with a very basic set of moves, and you can randomly find new abilities as you play through the game. In addition to the slightly RPG-flavored aspect of picking your moveset, there’s also a much more explicitly RPG-esque stat system. You gain EXP by defeating enemies. Each time you level up, you can spend points to improve your stats however you like, in order to take on the enemies according to your play style.

Enough talking, here’s some screenshots.

forest screenshot

You play as this cute critter here:

player critter

They’re currently missing quite a few things. Like… a mouth. Or… any kind of fine design details. But the base is rock-solid! And by rock-solid I mean adorable.

So far I’ve implemented a whopping one (1) enemy. This imposing fellow: a Cinderhound, a dog made of smoke.

smokey doggo

Here’s its logbook entry:

logbook entry

Those red bits floating around are embers. They glow when it uses its smoke tackle ability.

You’ll notice the screen dim when you get hit. That’s a status effect ✨. Status effects in this game work like in the souls series: effects build up with a meter to show the strength, and something bad happens when the meter fills up. You can see the meter in the bottom-left corner. The effect you see above is “smoke blindness” (needs a better name imo) which clouds your screen with smoke, thicker and thicker the more effect you have built up. When it reaches the maximum, you’ll start coughing which makes you unable to use abilities and forces you to walk slowly, until the effect subsides. It leaves you quite…. vulnerable. :3c

The Cinderhound also has a smokescreen ability, which creates a cloud of smoke that persists for about 10 seconds, and inflicts smoke blindness on you if you stand in it.

combat screenshot

The one area I’ve made so far is the forest:

aerial forest shot

It’s sort of unremarkable at the moment, since I’ve been focusing mostly on mechanics, at the cost of some environmental polish. I definitely have a few additions planned in the near future though.

And, of course,


What would a horny game be without some horny?

The main focus of this game is the stereotypical “you lose you get fucked” deal, which I originally kinda felt bad about. Not only was it cliché, it also depicts sex as a negative thing. And of course, a game that you want to lose is kinda antithetical to the whole, game-playing… thing.

But then I remembered I was making a sex game, not writing an ethical manifesto. So here we are.

The main horny focuses of this game are impregnation and dubcon. When a baddie climaxes inside you, you predictably get some cum in you. (Aside: I wish I had footage of the Cum Meter from my old prototype, because it was both hilarious and hot.) The more you get cummed in, the more likely you are to get knocked up. Parameters and probabilities and all that will be configurable. Which brings me to my next talking point:

I’ve played quite a few horny games, and quite often I encounter something that’s almost great, but there’s one thing that ruins it for me. With that in mind, I plan to include a lot of customizability with regards to the horny aspects. One idea I was brainstorming with some friends was, instead of impregnation being an immediate failure state, what if you just started gestating an egg, or multiple eggs, and they get so big it slows you down and you become vulnerable, and end up with more eggs, etc. I loved this idea, but I also kinda personally wanted impregnation to be a failure state, because that makes it hot for me. But why not just implement both and have it be an option the user can choose? I want lots of options for players to tweak the game to suit their preferences, but of course the core aspects of the game will need to remain static or else this project will just dissolve into horny soup.

I plan to include a whole bunch of different critters, environments, abilities, and more. The game is currently extremely early in development (this is like 2 weeks of work lol) but I’m hoping to have a very basic functional demo out soon. Unfortunately, due to a bug in Unreal Engine, I can’t currently package builds of the game, which means the only way I can distribute it is by letting folks download the whole project and open it in the editor. Far from an ideal solution.

Packaging issues aside, I plan to release dev builds every two weeks. However, they’ll be delayed by two weeks for the public. If you pledge to my Patreon at the $5 tier or higher, you’ll get access to these builds the day they come out. Sorry about the paywalling, but I gotta pay rent somehow. If I get enough support on Patreon to live off of it (probably ~$500/mo) then I can drop the paywalls and release everything to the public for free. That’s what I want to do, I just gotta have some incentive for now so I can pay the bills. The game itself will always be free, dev builds or final release, you just might have to wait two weeks. If you don’t like Patreon, you can also support me on Ko-fi.

Anyway, here’s some fuck.

More info cumming soon~!